3.9.0c Hotfix

3.9.0c Hotfix Notes
  • Fixed the "Skill parent object didn't exist" crash.
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fix Pestilent Strike already!
any news for AMD boiis ?
Fix Pestilent Strike pleaseee :(
Waiting for News on the Migration from SSF to Trade League. My build turned out ass so I've moved over but in the process I seem to have bugged the Delve quest so I can't even access the Mining Encampment. I've also lost all my crafting recipes and Trials.
AMD crash bug is real. I won't be able to play HC until fixed.

Also, key components for the failing to generate properly makes it impossible to do the new mechanic a significant amount of the time.

It's a shame, because I'm liking the new mechanic when it works.
update broke my game, getting huge lagspikes and disconnects all the time. Tried on multiplate servers.

Edit: looks like it works now.
Anything that´s unrelated to elephants is irrelephant
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Thank you for updating Atlas to garbage.
You're the one planning this garbage?
Did you think that this update was something that users really wanted?
If so, you're mistaken too much
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Your boss hp boost is garbage, your new atlas is garbage.

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