Crash when entering hideout or mine level 1 (from town) with hardcore character on Standard.

To pass the time I thought I'd start a HC toon till 3.9. I found that I could not enter my hideout, then when I got to Highgate I found it also crashed when entering the Mine. I'm stuck at this point and cannot progress.
I rebooted, what else can I try?
The crash is to the login screen, and displays '> An unexpected disconnection occurred.'
Last bumped on Dec 3, 2019, 12:45:44 AM
I have uninstalled and am reinstalling now. 23GB....
Hello there.

I have kind of an idea of what's happening.
Regarding the mine for example, do you remember if you actually had completed nikko's quests before trying to enter the mine?

Forget that, i just realised you were talking about the regular mine, not the azurite mine.
Let us know if the reinstall helped, though i doubt it.
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Reinstalling the game did not help. But I tried removing all the MTX I was wearing and went to the Azurite mine, and from there I was able to enter my hideout, and then to Highgate and was also able to enter the mine.
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Same problem with myself. Game is TOTALLY UNPLAYABLE.

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