Elder now spawning after killed guardiens

I've just killed all the guardians today and of course wanted to kill elder as well. But no matter how many times I try or who I ask, no one seem to be able to help. We've decided it must be a bug.
If not and I somehow messed something up, please do tell me =)

When I clear Tier 14 map Terrace to do elder, he doesn't show up in boss area, I just keep fighting the same normal boss.
Posted images should be evidence that I cleared the guardians, or perhaps gives clues to what I'm doing wrong.

I hope someone got a solution to this, hopefully something silly issue that I can easily fix :D
Last bumped on Oct 10, 2019, 4:07:56 AM
Thanks for your report, it appears one of the Elder Guardians is still occupying the Courthouse Map, which would prevent Elder from spawning when you run a Terrace Map.
Oh okay, so I can just kill that guardian again, and hopefully that should resolve the issue?

I'll get right on it, thanks for the answer.
I wonder how you got 26 challenges and can't see that you have a guardian active.

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