Terrible monster tracking system on blight maps.

Its a serious problem that have cost me (and probbably many other people) the whole map MANY times. Literally everything in the blight maps covers the monters that you trying to click (towers especially). If you increace pack size, you are double fu**ed, late game drops to about 10-5fps and you cannot track down incoming bosses.

Please fix this by adding a key to an input section of game options that allow building and upgrading towers. By default the main focus of mouse cursor should be THE ENEMY and the towers unable to be build without key pressed.

Tower defense is a very nice addition to the game, but this problem makes me go crazy.

Please take it under cosideration.
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Last bumped on Oct 10, 2019, 12:36:57 AM
Mob density in blighted map is absolutely stupid, it's fun as a stress test or as a joke between dev, but as a final product ?

Holy shit ... I have no idea at what moment they thought "this is fine", whether they were drunk, rolled a dice, flipped a coin .... it's really mind blowing to me.

It's the worse screen clutter I have ever seen in PoE, by far, and that's a lot to say ...
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