New TOS sucks ass, we need politics allowed in global pls

Hey guys,

I feel this thread has run it's course and as such I'm going to close it for discussion. You are very welcome to email our Support team directly at if you have any feedback on the discussion of politics or religion within game chat.

To add a little context to our decision regarding the Code of Conduct change that was made some time ago, Path of Exile forums and in-game chat are for civil and constructive discussion of the game.

We make an exception to this for Off-topic threads on the forum to encourage community discussion, however, our forum and chat moderation policies are in place so that everyone can feel comfortable reading and posting in those areas. If you'd like to discuss religion, politics, or other inflammatory subjects that have the potential of creating animosity in the game chat, there are a number of other places on the internet that are much more appropriate for those discussions.

We are very open to constructive feedback regarding our policies and our moderation, so please do email us directly if you'd like to offer your feedback or if you've encountered moderation that you feel doesn't match with our intention.
Contact us at!

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