endless loading screen on ps4

i'm stuck in a endless loading screen
can anyone help me how i can fix this?
Last bumped on Sep 11, 2019, 6:12:19 AM
Same problem. Froze in Highgate and now I can't relog. All Chars logged out in Highgate don't load. Others work. PS 4
also loading to highgate
also loading to highgate
Same here, Highgate hanging forever on load. I froze there initially, so I tried restarting, but it hangs.
Also had difficulty loading into Oriath. Waiting about 5 minutes, closed game and restarted PS4. Same issue. Tried creating a new character and it loaded into the starting zone very quickly. Went back to first character and tried again. Waited about five minutes again and it loaded successfully.
We are looking into this right now.
Can you try changing a gateway to a different one in options?

Which gateway were you using?
Switching from london to amsterdam solved this for me.
i use amsterdam as standart
but how do you swith?
i use amsterdam as standart
but how do you swith?

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