Ps4 issue

I just recently downloaded version 1.21 for Poe on my ps4.

I started the game up, got the the Grinding gear loading screen,but right after that my game freezes for around 20 seconds and then goes to a all black screen with the 2 Gears in the middle spinning.

The game won't load past that point it won't even bring me to the main menu and this is right after version 1.21 was installed

I'm currently wired
On ps4
Psn: Tiddy_beaar

Just wondering if anyone else if having the same issues I'm having, if so and u found a way to fix this issue please let me no. I'm going to go ahead and reinstall path of exiles. My thought out that something went wrong while the patch was installing. But will update post once I've reinstalled to see if the matter has been solved.
Last bumped on Sep 10, 2019, 9:10:29 PM
You posted twice, delete one

Have you tried reinstalling the game?

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