Constant "unexpected disconnection occurred" - MTR paste bin

Note: recently had NBN installed but had played PoE without said issue for the week before blight launches, issue appears to be related to this patch (3.8) or a change somewhere on either end.

crash never occurred on 3.8.0 but occurred in the small patch after it and has been non stop.

Last bumped on Nov 6, 2020, 2:49:07 PM
+1 having the same issue. Resets the progress in the zone also. Unlearns recipes, etc...
My friend and i are playing on a private league and have constant disconnects every few minutes aswell. Gotten worse since the patch.
+1 same issue non stop unplayable
Having the same issue if I use Venom Gyre. Switching to Cobra Lash has removed the issue
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Yes it seems skill related bug I have another character and its working properly
It appears I have resolved the issue, Noted in the paste bin the packet drop was at all nodes, I was so tired it didn't occur to me to reset the router and clear whatever junk it was trying to process. Had unhindered game play since the reset. It appears the standard NBN router/modem setup is absolute junk and needs to be reset frequently to refresh it's processes.
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Same issue. Can happen when i have charges and use whirling blades
Facing similar issue. Can't finish the Shadow of the Vaal quest, using Venom Gyre and Whirling blades crashes immediately after Blight encounter. "Unexpected Disconnection" back to login screen.
Happened to me constantly for 5+ hours Friday night, forcing me to quit for the night. Just got back on today and was experiencing the same thing until switching to cobra strike, haven't crashed once.

Please fix this :|

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