Block Chance Reduction gem

How to protect char from block chance reduction in pvp?

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If block is your only win factor you should reconsider your build.
Poe Pvp experience
overcapped block is possible to prevent BCR gem?


it's very satisfying to think that you can just max one thing in your build and that would bring an absolute upper hand against every build.

But it won't, especially block won't do it for sure.
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Block its useful if you have about 18k ES or more and lots of regen ( you will last longer against glasscannon builds) , if you're a life base build youre weak to poison/chaos damage, whats your attack skill?
i recommend this shield if you play in standard

and maybe something like this for a league(item mods)
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Aodui wrote:
What are you fighting that is getting that many stacks against you before you die?
Do they really need the BCR stacks to do it?
Imagine if they had 30-40% more damage there instead, would that be better?

If you are fighting lightning trap, I honestly don't think block is working correctly with it, that it is either a ton of projectiles hit or none of them (odd duds).

If you are fighting glacial cascade mines, aside from the coming changes making it moot, I don't think BCR is the deciding factor there.

How are you not more concerned with Scorching Ray - or the newly buffed Death's Oath (aura nodes from Timeless Jewel)?


Best way to protect yourself is more effective health, but no amount of life will matter once the chaos degen clouds return (scaled on minion life), you need to get Chaos Inoculation and 20k ES and ES regen like Espada mentions - all real tanks are stacking ES and have regen on block or on focus or on flask use.

The PVP damage in the game has gotten so extreme that only the broken energy shield system can handle most of it.

(And it is broken, they took a neat idea, that relied on breaking combat to trigger regen, and then took away all of its limitations, aside from it being opposite most of the cool melee nodes in the tree, which is not really a limitation when melee builds are generally the least effective builds anyway)

Divine flesh can handle it!

Lately, my dueling experience has shifted quite the opposite haha.

Defense kinda caught up with damage. ( in standard at least )
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Hi, I have life-based full block(82/82) gladiator

I cant win to player who has block chance reduction gem(20/20).

How to protect char from block chance reduction?

just over capped more block?

any idea or suggestion?


A block char ? what are you using as your damage output ?

If you are playing just " a block char " no doubt that you would lose.

most people pair block with a broken skill.

from my experience, you do not really need 82 block. 75 is enough.

IGN : Relithh , Stronkberry
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before he put his profile on private he had surrenderer shield + Advancing Fortress.
Can t remember his skill but I bet it was SR.

as for divine flesh the weapon penetrate 14% chaos resistance mod look more and more interesting.
Poe Pvp experience
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