[3.7] Detonmancer

Hello all,

are you tired of Cycolne meta? Are you looking for something new? You like explosions? Then you come into right thread.

We are going to speak about this "gem"

In short:
Detonate Dead is a spell that explodes a corpse, dealing secondary damage as fire in an area around it.

This gem deal damage twice.
1st when corpse explode it deals 6% of maximum corpse life as fire damage
2nd after corpse explosion it deal additional fire damage around based on your spell or fire damage

But how we are going to interact this gem all the time without spaming corpses.
Well... Answer is here:

Aukuna's will, these lovely gloves turns your zombie into corpses and the apocalypse can begin.

But hey, I have to recast zombies every time and have tons of cast speed ...
Not really, you need tons of attack speed! Wait what? Yes, you read right, tons of attack speed. Because you are going to use one cool wand *wink*

Ok but necromancer and attack speed?
Well after tons of revamp of skill-tree, the minions attack speed and damage is shared with you by: Spiritual Aid and Spiritual command.
So minion damage also applies to you and minions and same goes to attack/cast speed so you not need to stack damage nodes for yourself.
Same goes with nodes in the Ascendancy.
And also there is one nice ascendancy node which gives you nice boots to Attack damage and attack speed for corpse consumed in past 4 seconds.
It's called the Mistress of Sacrifice, and corpse consume also means when you detonate your zombie. Thanks to Aukuna's Will!

Another zombie interaction with this skill gem:
In Necromancer ascendancy is one notable node which gives to our zombies ability to spread poison cloud on their death. This also counts when zombie is detonated. This poison cloud stand on the ground around 4-5 seconds.

This poison cloud deal chaos damage per second which damage is calculated by 50% Zombie maximum health.
So, how much higher is Zombie health that much it deals damage per second.
In addition damage can be increased by Minion Life Support and Minion Damage gem - both of them interact with poison cloud.

PoB Versions of build:

My current
Lvl 86

My future steps
Lvl 100

Video Previews
T7 Map run
Rare/Unidentified/DmG debuff

T15 Map run

- good damage output
- fast clear speed
- zombies are tanking for you
- zombie poison cloud do a lot nice single target damage when enemy standing on top of cloud
- HP Build (can achieve around 6000+ HP easily)

- semi glasscanon
- cannot run reflect maps
- expensive build at league start
- cannot face tank (Life leech to low)
- offsceen kills are painful
- Mana hungry build
- high movement bosses are pain and hard to kill
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- T15 Map run added
- Overhaul of forum build info
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Been playing your build, its a bit of fun so far.

Something different, especially once you do second lab.

Just hit lvl60 in hardcore, will probably rip soon because I suck.. But thought I'd give some feedback :D

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