I need help !

Good evening guys.

First time posting here and was looking for some help. I am running a ED/ Trickster build and just hit lvl 91 .
My dps on the skill bar is incredibly low i believe, sitting at just 27k and some change . Ive followed builds and have purchased what i believe is good gear. I just need some help to be pointed in a better direction to increase my damage.

Thanks guys.
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If you aren't already, use Bane and Soul Rend too. They scale the same, and all stack. That's all I got.

Edit: (Chaos spells really need to get reworked.)
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1) Find a essence drain build on yt
2) check description for pastebin
3) ctrl+c
4) ctrl+v

How are you checking your damage output? Your main damage is DoT, and the in-game tooltip can be meh in accessing that. And are you using contagion?

Anyway, if you want you can make your character public to someone can take a look at it.
ed damage is based on the dot not on the tooltip.. you might hit 27k but the damage over time is what truly matters.
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Well...where to start...

- You specced into "Whispers of Doom" AND are using "Vixen's Entrapment" with Vulnerbility on hit? What for? You'r only utilizing Despair+Temp Chain in your Bane-Setup, so ditch your gloves and get something usefull. Why not use Allelopathy? Chuck in a Totem support + 3 DoT-Supports and use the Spreading Rot Jewel for the Wither instead of your Wither-Totem?

- What about your Chest and Helmet? Both do nothing for you. If you want to push Chaos damage, you could use Cherrubim's Maleficence or just go for a rare chest. Same for your helmet. You could use a Doedre's Scorn and setup your Bane in it on a 4-Link. That's another ~40% ailmentdamage

- Your Rings, Amulet and Belt are garbage DPS-vise. Try to craft better stuff with Fossils/Essences. For example you could use Abberant Fossils on Belt+Amulet to get something with "+XY % increased Chaos damage". For Rings you could try to get Shaper Bases and get the "Increased Spell Damage" mod on it.

- The craft on your Amulet and you Lab-Enchant on the Boots do nothing for you

- What are the 3 Dex-Points at "Blood Drinker" in your tree? I don't think you need more Dex for gems, so what's that? Also: Pathing to "Retribution" for 3 points is not worth on your DoT-Build. Rather get more ES/Life (you tok all the chaos nodes, speccing into more DPS on the Tree should not be needed)

- Decay doesn't work on RF (in your helmet)

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