100% Poison + Minions (DOES NOT WORK)

on tiptool dancing duo and raging spirits have 100% chance to poison but when they attack they do not apply poison this is major bug!

plz copy paste my char and do test run you will see mechanics not working at all


Thanks for your report, it seems as though Fenumus' Toxins is incorrectly displaying Poison Chance for your minions whereas they actually don't have any Chance to Poison.

We'll look into this.
80% from fenumus toxins
20% from herald of agony

20% from herald of agony chance poison is not applying either
thank you looking into it :D

Poison Chance that you gain from Skills/Gems area NOT passed to your minions unless your minions are supported by "Poison Support" or "Lesser Poison Support".

The unique weapon "United in Dream" also gives minions Chance to Poison.

The Poison Chance from "Herald of Agony" and "Fenumus' Toxins" will NOT give you minions Chance to Poison. The current value you're seeing on them is a visual error and it shouldn't be there.

I hope this clarifies.
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