Bait-and-switch scams are very easy to minimise, so why haven't you done this already, GGG?

Xavathos wrote:
Ah, it's a shame you had to learn the hard way, mate. This is exactly what people like me are trying to prevent. If we make people aware that they do in fact have to be vigilant, they won't have to learn the hard way, like you did.


No worries, it was back in 2013 and remembering the time now is very comical. People learning form their mistakes holds true. Saying the above, I do not agree with those that argue it is purely on players to prevent situations like I described or scamming by players with bad intentions. There is little GGG can do for new players when it comes to understanding how PoE's economy works and how to evaluate price of items. Scamming, however, is very different situation, especially when it comes to bait & switch scams.

I'm not arguing for anything heavily automated or even involving GGG's oversight, however, some basic update to tools used by 1000s of players every day is well overdue.

It is in GGG's interest to make sure new players will have best possible experience with PoE from the start, which should also include better trading UI.
Xavathos wrote:
It's a bit like driving your car blindfolded. Should you take off the blindfold, or design a car that drives for you?

Now, this should be obvious enough, but one of the main reasons people are even considering self-driving cars is because a human can't pay attention 100% of the time, and shit happens even to those that somehow manage it. Not because people drive blindfolded. Also consider that on the road very few people will intentionally try to kill you.

But if we go into real world examples, trade scams are usually a punishable offense. GGG can't track the offenders down to punish them so they probably should do everything within reason to make getting scammed more difficult. I think the request here isn't unreasonable and also falls under general qol.
Есть один путь - наверх!

raics wrote:

But if we go into real world examples, trade scams are usually a punishable offense.

This is why, despite my love of analogies, I ignore all real world examples of 'trade' people put forth to counteract (or even justify) my suggestion. The conditions in PoE aren't the real world. They're not even a vague facsimile or simulation of it. This is an artificial, constructed environment, the product of an enigmatic creator whose idea of 'success' is very different to ours.

The only analogy that works for me here, in terms of the amazing disconnect in perspective, is that of a beef farm. We the animals think 'success' means being fed, taken care of, having generally acceptable living conditions. TencentGGG, the farmer, thinks 'success' means selling the animals to be slaughtered and eaten.

And it's not the animals who run the farm.
"The end of learning is the beginning of death" -- Eramir
...And it's hard to learn if you're unable to admit when you're wrong.
You'd think a teacher would understand that.
1. This thread needs to be posted on reddit to get more views and possibly seen by ggg.
2. You should edit the first post with the good ideas many users posted, like six links glowing in some fashion to distinguish them from non six links or making the links sharper/better and more visible.

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