Trade site: Bulk search titles not work in Firefox

When I hover mouse in some of this bulk search icons, there should be your custom titles with the name of the item, but they work only in Chrome, not Firefox.



Same with any currency / frag / essence etc.
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It's working for me on Firefox 66/67/68 on Windows.

Which platform and version of Firefox are you using? Do you have any extensions enabled?
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Novynn wrote:
Do you have any extensions enabled?

tangentially related

One of my Chrome extensions (Session Buddy or The Great Suspender) is firing in-between cookies YouTube creates. After 20 or so YouTube videos watched, I get from YouTube an error website presented.

I have to go into advanced setting and delete all "YouTube" cookies. Only then YouTube loads again.

I figured out what it was (my own userstyles css by mistake was too global and touched some trade site classes).

All good with FF.

Sorry for false report.
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