Laggy servers...

Can you please run WinMTR against for me and post the results here? It looks like there is some bad routing for some servers and I need the output to get the provider to fix it up.
I have identified something wrong with the 209.* servers to a bunch of ISPs. I've pulled them out of service waiting on a fix from the host.
caiovp2 wrote:
I got off the computer after some very stressfull lag with PoE. Might be too late now, but here you go.

That's helpful, thanks.

Can you do the same for as well? It looks like connectivity from you to everything is routed incorrectly.
That first server you shouldn't be able to play on now.

The second looks relatively okay.

What I do notice is that there are also latency spikes between you and your router of up to 169ms

| - 0 | 251 | 251 | 4 | 15 | 169 | 14 |

It's enough to pull your average latency up to 15ms on that first hop. Are you directly connected to your network, or through wifi? There is probably something going on there too.
Can I grab another capture to please?
Petusillos wrote:
Fitzy_GGG wrote:
Can I grab another capture to please?

Well, I'm not the OP but here is your request just in case it works (I'm connected to Sao Paulo from Argentina):


Usual ping should be 47ms instead of 1xxms


Could you repeat this please? The DC claims they've made a change to fix it, but I am skeptical.
This should hopefully be resolved now.

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