"Flesh and Stone" and "Dread Banner" do not add Life Regen when using the Unwavering Faith notable

uberhasu wrote:
Flesh and Stone and Dread Banner do not seem to be functioning correctly with the Guardian's "Unwavering Faith" ascendancy notable and the increase to Life Regen.

The node reads - "Auras from your Skills grant +1% Physical Damage Reduction to you and Allies
Auras from your Skills grant 0.2% of Maximum Life Regenerated per second to
you and Allies".

Despite both of the skills having the Aura tag and describing the aura effect that they provide to the player (Especially with Blood and Sand where it says "Casts an Aura that affects you" in the description), I do not see an increase to life regen.

I tested this while being specced into Zealot's Oath, and without. In both cases the regen was not increased after activating the aura. Tested using the character "uberHasu_solarisRF".

Thanks for your report.

"Flesh and Stone" despite having the "Aura" tag is not an aura which affect you which is why you don't receive any bonuses from Unwavering Faith. The buff you gain from "Flesh and Stone" it to notify you of what Stance you're in.

As for Banners, this doesn't seem right, we can look into that.

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