✳️ONLINE✳️[3.8 BSC] Mirchea - Crafting & Carrying Services

Fantastic to work with. I was nervous because this was my first kinda big boi craft and no collateral, but they came through with crafting +2 support gems on my fleshripper axe.

There are definitely better axes out there, but this was my first attempt at crafting and I'm glad I found a legit crafter to work with. Would do business again!
nice and quick, very professional, and plenty of loot. bounced out as soon as the timer ran out. worth talking to this guy.
Killed my uber elder. Very fast and reliable, I totally recommend this service.

Completed my Encounters IV: Kitava challenge no problem ez pz

Would recommend! :D
Helped me to craft this :

Reliable and nice, thanks again !
quick and nice carry for challanges, Ty :)

Thanks a lot for crafting mate :D!
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helped me craft fire damage on bow! trustworthy crafter
Did my uber elder again

Great service. Will definitely use it again
I'm available for some carry or crafting requests.

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