[3.9 - now FREE!] Kinz's Metamorph Boss killing and crafting service!

Very nice job!
You made me a luminous day ^^

He did my yellow elder, Vaal temple and a few maps and bosses :)
he did crafts in my Rings and Amulet too!

Thanks again!
Very good and nice bosskiller and crafter!
Killed mastermind for me, fast and safe. Strongly recommend!
he did the thing i asked for, it was cool beans
Great crafter!
Great craft service, can only recommend.
Stop spam trade 820 by sending your message twice in a rowzzzzzz?
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Nice Thread he craft my amulet +1
Great Crafting Service!!
He crafted my

so he is therefore trustworthy with over 10ex in currency!

Now I can get finally out of those ******* mines.


Dear Maligaro,
I left my head in San Francisco, I lost my legs in Peru
My liver and kidney are on holiday in Sydney
And I am sending my Heart to you
--- Love, Malachai
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killed uber elder, nice person and trustworthy

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