[3.9 - now FREE!] Kinz's Metamorph Boss killing and crafting service!

Quick run on Uber Atziri, offered to either full clear himself or have me clear up to Atziri. Which I did and quickly took her down.
Kill a Uber Atziri, nice service! thx
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Helped with crafting +2 level socketed of socketed support gems, non-ailment chaos damage over time, % increased Cast Speed
10% chance to gain Arcane Surge when you Kill an Enemy and increased chaos damage. Very fast and efficient service.
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Helped me out with uber atziri on my build that had too much aoe, very nice guy and was patient.
Great service for such a low price
Fast and kind sir ! You can trust him ! :D

fast and ez uber elder
Fast and Friendly uber atziri kill :)
did uber elder for me and was great to deal with

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