console crashing and lagging CONSTANTLY

im using a xbox one and one x. both with ssd's and insane storage space, perfect wifi connection, 4G and 5G, yet my character is lagging sooooooo much it looks like my accuracy is 10, its really at 97% hit chance and ofton times im rubberbanded into kill shots or stuck for a minute looking at enemies that are unhittable. Also I keep crashing a few times a day, usually happens in new levels or level transitions. im so frustrated guys, this is my favorite league but I keep getting knee capped by these issues. help if you can, regardless love the game
Last bumped on Jul 12, 2019, 4:45:37 PM
Same issues on ps4, lag is on and off but the game crashed frequently when transitioning levels. Had 4 crashes in the space of 40 mins of play. Need help.
GGG needs to get this shit straight. This is my first time ever playing from a fresh League start and I'm not impressed in the slightest. There's no excuse for this shit to be crashing on EVERYONE constantly simply because GGG can't test their shit out beforehand. I'd rather beat my head against a brick wall at this point!
@GGG please guys! help, I cant upgrade anymore and my game is still crashing all the time... its fckn bullshyt, ive played so much this league and am still so far behind because half the time im crashing or being forced to play during the most frustrating lag, it is 110% your servers that are crashing us, and rife with the most insane lag! please dedicate more power into the consoles, as an xbox gamer who supports you I feel like you guys shouldn't be treating us this way.
Yesterday I started doing maps

I only had 8 crashes yesterday......

Playing the toxic arrow totem build and the performance is constantly awful. Low single digit FPS, especially when the army unfreezes.

How in the holy shit is this allowed to be on console?

And I was stupid enough to spend 60 bucks buying stash tabs, but that was before the crashes and very low FPS. If I had seen that first I wouldn't have paid for the stash tabs.
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Yeah, leap slam is so bad, lagging back into mobs that are hitting me while I can do nothing about it is the reason I refuse to spend any moneys on MTX till they get their shit together. I know it's not going to make a difference because we are on console and they don't really care much about us, but if everyone does it it might.
I play on the PS4, and absolutely love this game. I do not however love the lag issue. I'm so frustrated that I'm swinging away, hitting nothing, and not knowing how to start making contact again. I starting cycloning, take my finger off the button, and there he goes, continuing to cyclone away. The worst is the rubber band issue. Thinking I'm through a mob, getting stuck, and teleporting back to the mob I had gotten through and dying, because apparently, I had never gotten through that mob. The crashing sucks as long as everything I've accumulated up to that point, I can get through it. But there are way too many bugs, and console issues. They need to be addressed. Please fix this
So iam not the only one...just for completion :

@GGG This is a serious issue. Please fix it, the game is awesome and you do an even more awesome job.
Guys try turning off your MTX effects. It worked for me and another person to improve the lag issue and desync. It doesnt fix crashes but try it for the other reasons
joshkozi wrote:
Guys try turning off your MTX effects. It worked for me and another person to improve the lag issue and desync. It doesnt fix crashes but try it for the other reasons

Turned off all my MTX and it's still lagging like crap. Losing 10% each time cause i'm stuck in trash packs cause of lags is just bullshit.

@GGG: Either fix the lags or at least disable the XP loss until it's fixed...

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