Crashing Because of Parties? Ps4

So my dad and I were super hype to play the new league and everything ran smooth through act 1 (twice because we helped mutual friend). However, once we got 2 maps into act 2 the crashes started. It's consistent in the fact that no matter what map we load into immediately after getting in a party one of us crashes. Sequence goes like Party>Decide what map we go to>Waypoint to it>Take 5 steps (about 5-10 seconds) and the game crashes. Anyone else having this issue? Super frustrating and i haven't seen anyone else mention. When we are running solo there is no issues. No crashes, game runs as it should and so on. Please help a huge part of this game for us is being able to slay together!
Last bumped on Jun 12, 2019, 11:26:31 AM
If one of you is using Dash (or I think any of the new movement skills), that is the reason for the crashes. If one person Dashes, the other person crashes and vice versa.

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