[LSC] Yama's odd jobs - Bosses, and labs (Pay what you want) (Also some standard benches)

Hey, I'm Yamajac. I'm just a pretty nice lady that's been playing for a while. If ya need something done, and I can do it, then we've got a deal. Message me in game @Yamajac

I do have SOME crafts in legion, but not much. All the socket recipes, a couple desirable crafts. Hit me up if you need something, but don't get your hopes up.


I have many of the crafting recipes unlocked, but not all of them. Unfortunately, this is not a particularly exceptional crafting bench service, sorry.

You provide the item + cost of the affix, I craft the affix and give you the item back. Somewhere along the line, you give me whatever payment you want - which could be nothing.

Here's a small list of the (I think?) desirable crafts I do have.

All quality crafts (socketed gems included)
(100-129)% increased Physical Damage
(82-99)% increased Spell Damage
All colour/socket changes on corrupted items


It would take too much to list every single recipe I'm missing, so I'll list the more desirable ones first, and every time I'm missing a craft that somebody wants I'll add it to the list. I really am missing quite a number though :(

Additional Curse
Hits Can't Be Evaded
Minimum Frenzy Charges
Minimum Power Charges
Minimum Endurance Charges
+ level to socketed support gems

Here's a video of me scrolling through the crafts I'm missing. Not sure if the bench shows EVERY craft you're missing or if it's dependent on some metrics, but there's the ones I know I don't have anyway. If somebody wants to take the time to write 'em all down then you'd be great. But I don't, so I don't expect anybody else too either lol.


I can do all bosses not on the list below, unless I missed one, but I don't think I did. ALL loot is yours. Your set, your loot. Simple.

If I fail a boss, I will NOT provide a replacement. I do this for pretty much free, sorry. With that said, I have extremely high confidence for all bosses not on the list below. Every time I fail a boss not on the list below, I will log it in a spoiler below. If you want to take a gamble and have me try a boss on the list below, and I fail it, then sorry bud, that's on you.

If you want to come along for a boss fight, please ask beforehand. Some boss fights I can take you with no problems, other times it might add risk.

Here's a video of an uber elder fight. I totally didn't notice shaper teleported there lol.


All delve bosses - very little experience with them. I can probably do most of them up to depth 200, but not making any promises

All bestiary fights - never done one before, no idea how hard they are. I imagine I can do them, but again I don't want to make a promise

Syndicate mastermind - Can do it, might need an extra portal still though.


2019/08/09 - Uber Elder, tried to save 2 man fight, killed deathless in the next set.


I can carry you through any difficulty of lab. For uber lab, if the layout is super bad I might say no though. You provide the offering, I take the loot. For my lab carries, while I will still accept a tip, you can consider me taking the loot to be more than adequate.

I'll be honest with you, there are people who will let you take the loot too. I'm not quite that nice though, sorry.


What do you get out of this?
Tips. Even if you aren't tipping, other people will, and building a reputable service is valuable for bringing in the big tippers. Building a reputable service is also valuable just for being able to say I do this. Being a nobody isn't any fun, being somebody with multiple pages of vouches is fun.

Do you provide collateral?

How do I know you're not a scammer?
You don't. And honestly, that's not my problem. You can see my previous normal atziri service thread (from years ago) over here, since I don't have many vouches here yet.
100% free atziri service - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1578145
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My pleasure to be the first one to vouch for this guy. Super nice and legit. 100% recommend!
Dudes very friendly. Quick to respond to your message if online and kill was pretty quick. +1
Amazing person,giving a newbie like me the opportunity to finish for the first time the Elder. Thank you very much^^
mastermind complete +1 nice job
Quick and let me keep the loot. 10/10
Nice and fast Uelder kill.
carried me through lab, safe and fast, can vouch for him
Very fast service! Nice! +1 - Carry Uber Atziri
Excellent service, thanks!

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