PS4 - Game Freeze on Skill Preview.

So I played this game back on PC release, got bored and quit. Have heard from friends there has been some MASSIVE changes, overhauls and updates and I was afraid to jump back in cause I had been gone so long. Plus...the damn skill grid is freaking scary!

I saw that PS4 got the game and wanted to jump back in and start fresh as I am much more a console gamer.

And now I can't even watch skill previews for my Witch when selecting quest rewards to get an idea what they do.

The game doesn't crash out or anything it just hangs and freezes...forever :/
Last bumped on May 19, 2019, 4:45:48 PM
Did this happen just once or does it occur every time?
There is a rare bug with the skill preview and we intend to fix it at some point.
It happened every time, but I gave up after like 4-5 tries. I am not sure if you removed the whole thing but I haven't seen the option to preview skills expect that first Gem Reward Quest.

I have not run into any other bugs.
The preview is only on the first gem reward.
As I mentioned above, this is a known issue and we plan to fix it at some point.

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