Unable to go into nexus bug, flashback.

Hi, i can do memories but i can't go into nexus, i have the 1st quest "Talk to Cavas" in act 1, but i can't find cavas, and when i do find him in a map the option "Visit Nexus" is not available.
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same, i have finished the campaign and he isnt in epilogue.
Had same problem but after doing a few memories it finally showed.
But now that i have access i cant place memories on the map.
same here
fixed it by succesfully completing a memory fragment and then talking to cavas.
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You can get to the memory nexus any time you've completed a Fragmented Memory at or after The Ledge. If you do not talk to Cavas there to travel to the Nexus, you may travel there from any Waypoint, it's the topmost icon on the right side.

If you're having trouble placing a memory at the Memory Nexus- your very first Memory must be placed by interacting with a Memory Stabiliser on the side that you wish to place the Memory on. Thereafter, you can plan memories from the Memory Map pulled up when you push V.

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