HoA stops working

I'm using HoA as my main dmg dealer. However, when I play with a friend (acctnm: DustOver) the moment he enters the same instance i am in, my HoA doesn't work anymore. I seem not to be able to do any dmg anymore.

If I change to another char, i can do normal damage.

My Friend is trying to use HoA and it doesnt work for him. Something prevents him from building up charges. As we cannot think of anything that does this, we hope you can help.
Last bumped on May 14, 2019, 6:52:14 PM
Which character is affected?

So... your HOA works fine when you play solo?
Both chars are affected. Well, DustOver was trying to get his HoA working, but it was my char where HoA stopped working when we entered the same instance. Solo mine works like a charm :D
Today i found out it happens whenever i enter an instance with another player. Any player, it seems.

Could it be that, between the two of you, you're not able to keep up the virulence stacks required to maintain the agony crawler based on how quickly either or both of you are killing monsters?

Do you change your equipment or gem links in such a way that you do not inflict poisons when playing in a party?

Edit: Additionally, are you downscaling when partied with other players?
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I think it is caused by the downscaling. Today I played with another char that is only 10 levels below, and it worked just fine.
It's very likely that your chaos damage, being only a fraction of your total damage, is being downscaled far enough as to be negated, rendering you unable to cause poisons and therefore virulence stacks.

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