Stuck on loading screen

i'm having the same problem now
am i stuck now forever or dose it load in the end?

Can you share your account & character name with me?

Had the same issue this morning, but only with my standard character. Blight character works just fine. The first time logging into my now standard character, everything was fine as I tranferred items from the temporary stash tabs to my others. Game started to slow to a crawl so I restarted the PS4 and upon logging back in, it just hangs at the loading screen. Let it try to load for 10 straight minutes and nothing. Again, my Blight character logs in just fine.

Standard PS4
Wired connection.

If it persists when I get home, I’ll post again with more info. I’m hoping it’s just a client side hiccup due to the update.

Edit: Was able to log in to that character today. Seems it did indeed sort itself out.
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