How does A master seeks help work? JUN

I've been trying to get this prophecy to work rather consistently, but it's trolling me.

I've bought like 15 or 20 so far, first had a long streak of it not proccing, then it did somewhat okish once every few maps, then again a long streak of maps where id didn't proc, then a streak where it procced almost every map, now another streak where it doesn't proc.

And please don't state the obvious - I wasn't trying to proc it on maps where I had another master.

I've been mostly doing T15 and T16 maps, normal and shaped, all yellow and corrupted so I get some other return also.

So.. how is it supposed to work?
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I think it is broken. When mine came up after about 10 maps I got one encounter with Jun instead of the 3 I usually get when I run a map with a Jun Icon or when Jun shows up normally.

i never got only 1, i sometimes got 2 encounters. maybe u missed the ambush one.
1 time i got 3 encounters, but 1 was inactive (the 3 wagons) and a friend told me i must have killed the leader in another encounter (the one where u go in portal in the rooms). although this seems more like bad design than actual good gameplay.

but the problem is the inconsistency of it. if i would get it once every 2-3-4 maps would be ok. but sometimes i get it almost every map, then i have a streak of 7-10 maps where it just doesn't proc.
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