TeamVelocity_Zet looking to buy challenges

i will not pay first
heres the thread from my crafting service this league with some vouches

i hit rank 8 this league /ladder
if you do not trust me do not bother msging me thank you very much

Connect memories to rewards: i need following ( paying 15c each )
Abyssal item chests
Bestiary item chests
breach item chests
fossil item chests
fracutred item chests
fragment item chests
gems item chests
scarab item chests
talisman item chests

Complete these encounters IV
exchange perandus coins with cadiro
Paying at least 1 ex as long as it's over 404 paying u more if the cadiro deal is higher obv

Bought a cadiro deal ( still need a 400+ deal

Complete the cortex I ( Paying 3 ex ) if you can do ALL on cortex 2 aswell, lmk and we can work something out

msg me ingame @TeamVelocity_Zet
you can /whois to double check
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up just need to finish 1 more
up posted a little "proof" video of a trade

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