Vaal Pact, visual or real bug?

"Life Leech total Recovery per second Modifier" is listed at 180%
I have a total of 40% "increased total Recovery per second from Life Leech" from the passive tree
I have no sources of increased recovery from gear, pantheon, or ascendencies.

This implies that Vaal Pact is doing (1+0.4*2) which makes no sense. If Vaal Pact is affecting this stat, it must be a TOTAL multiplier of 2 because of how it is simply worded. I should see (1+.4)*2=280% which is very different from 180%. It also would not be correct to split the 2 because that would need to show a value of 80% not 180%.

Is this a visual bug or a real bug? If you think the answer is neither then you are mistaken and should not attempt to answer until you realize whatever mistake you made.

I am hoping someone has already found this information out or someone has a larger leech amount that they can test this with easier than my build.
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No idea if it's purely a visual thing or not.
However, it's possible that the game does indeed (1+0.4)*2=280% internally, but then substracts 100% from the result to define "Life Leech total Recovery per second Modifier", don't ask me why.
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Because that's is what makes sense.

If you had two sources of 40% more damage, you would say you had 96% more damage right?

you do 1.4*1.4 to see that your total damage is at 1.96, then to translate into a standard form relatable to value 1, you say it was 96% more.
This is not a bug. This is displaying the modifier to the rate, not the rate itself.

If you had no modifiers, the rate would be 100% of the base value, and the modifier to the rate would be +0% (which would not display due to not having a value).

If you didn't have Vaal Pact, you'd have a total of 40% increased recovery. This is a modifier of +40%, making the total rate 140%.

Vaal Pact doubles the rate, from 140% to 280%. But the rate is not being displayed, the modifier to the rate is. A rate of 280% of the base means it has a total modifier of +180% - that's how much the base rate is being scaled by.

This value is correct.

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