Blood Rage Bug

Hi can you please look into the Blood Rage spell? I noticed a bug when I am using it with my Cold Spectral Throw Life Leech Raider in which the Blood Rage spell is linked to a cast when damage taken gem. While this buff is active sometimes the life leech will not reflect then all of a sudden my life orb will be full again. Sometimes it will drain out then the character will display the death animation and after a few secs reanimate again in full life. This is really frustrating so I hope you can apply a fix for the upcoming patches. Thanks.
Last bumped on Apr 11, 2019, 10:54:38 PM

This is a known issue- The good news is, the numbers are all correct on the server side and your leech is working properly, as indicated by the life orb popping back to full or the bizarre reanimation.

We are looking into it, though- thanks for your report.

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