Trade Website: Sorting by armour stats

Currently the trade website has some odd behavior when sorting by things like energy shield.

There are two listed quantities displayed on an item: the actual values, and the values at max(current quality, 20 quality).

One suggestion is to allow people to sort by these individually, in its current form if you sort by the first quantity it actually sorts by the second, so you get odd jumps in the ordered values.

Another suggestion is to change the second quantity for corrupted items, since there is currently no way in the game to quality a corrupted item.
Last bumped on May 13, 2019, 1:39:38 AM
Quality is generally considered easy to get to 20% on items which is why we sort by the maximum possible through normal means or the current (whichever is highest).

We'll fix up the quality for corrupted items which should make the first behaviour make more sense.

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