[Crafting Service] 100% Unveiled & 100% Max Rank including all Flask mods, 5C fee, @CeleryJr

Celery has now helped me twice this league. Great service, thank you!

Crafted belt and no extra fee for rerolling. +1 Always fast and easy crafting service

Very fast.
Hi all!

Celery helped finish two scepters I was missing some mods on for my dual wield ignite build, crafted the last few mods on both without a fuss.

10/10 would use service again!
trustworthy chilled guy. thx again

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Thanks for craft!

Thanks, nice and smooth service!

expensive item safely crafted <3
IGN : asdfman

Cannot recommend enough, super fast, super nice guy!
This guy is the best. Did a bunch of veiled-item trade with him in BHC, and he finished my bow just now. Cannot recommend more highly.

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