NO Cavas

Act1 quest "Shattered Past" is stuck, i can't find Cavas anywhere!
As a result Cavas doesn't show up in Towns or in Hideout, he appears after act1, but offers no "end" to the stuck quest in Act1. No way to get Memory Nexus now.

Plase help, this is only on Prime_Syn char
Last bumped on May 14, 2019, 7:23:33 PM
This is also happening to me. Some more information:
- This is only occurring on my 2nd of 2 synthesis characters.
- My first character completed Shattered Past in Act 1 and Cavas was invited to hideout.
- Cavas appears in hideout and can press V to show Memory Map on 1st character.
- Attempted to delete Cavas hideout item (not possible), moved Cavas hideout item.
- I full cleared Coast multiple times on 2nd character, never encountered Cavas. Does not show up in town.
- Attempted to run a map and talked to Cavas on 2nd character, before and after clearing his Memory Fragment, no hideout option.

After trying all of the above, I actually just deleted my 1st character. Only fix was to delete my first character and then run a Cavas (on Blood Aqueducts for me). After successfully completing the Memory Fragment, I got quest completion and was able to visit the Memory Nexus.This is not a great solution because you have to delete a character, pretty frustrating.
Is there no other solution to this?

Cavas does not appear if your level is too far above or below the area level you are playing in. Going somewhere more appropriate for your character should get him to spawn again and allow you to complete and resolve your quests. You shouldn't be able to outlevel Blood Aqueducts or later in this way.

Optionally, they should resolve on their own if you proceed past the Synthesis Templar Laboratory encounter while mapping.

Please let me know if your quests are still stuck following this.
Shattered Past stuck showing in Act 1 and can't seem to resolve. I have a full inventory of memories (per notices when completing Cavas missions). Can not locate him in towns and can not place him in hideout and talking to him when finding him in maps/blood aqueduct doesn't allow me to go to memory nexus. In fact, I can't get to the nexus at all.

You should be able to travel to the Memory Nexus via Waypoint, it'll be the topmost icon above Hideout/Menagerie/Aspirant's Plaza/Azurite Mine. The icon appears as soon as you've completed a Fractured memory at or after The Ledge in Act 1.
I have the ability to go to 4 places in the right from the waypoint:

Aspirant Plaza
Mine Encampment

I do not have access to the Memory Nexus and I am lvl 76.

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Talk to Cavas after completing another Fractured Memory, that should set everything required to unlock the Nexus. It seems talking to him without doing or successfully completing the memory won't open up the Nexus for you.

Will you try this again, and then let me know if you're still having issues?
This did resolve it in my last map. I guess I was lazy and didn't click on him after getting all of the nodes at any point till now. He is now in my hideout and I can access the nexus from the waypoint.

Thank you :)

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