[Synthesis] Uber elder service and others bosses

Vouch thread : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2159962

I can do your Uber Elder on Synthesis league. Change to the Washington DC gateway.

It used to be free but now I charge something. 40 chaos per run you keep all loots. If I fail I pay back the fragments and no fee is due.

IGN : @CaSynthesis

Here how it goes:
1. You set Washington gateway
2. You wait in hideout
3. I enter and do the fight until cull range
4. I call you in
5. You wait outside arena and I finish the boss

Video : Typical example of a carry service, shows you when you must enter the shaper's realm, then the arena : https://youtu.be/GbkMLaDoQRY

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