[SHC] A trusted master craft

Crafted trigger on my scepter. Quick and easy! Nice fella
Thank you for the service. Would recommend.
Helped me with both of my rings. Great guy!
IGN: HucksIsBackYo
RIP: BlueWafflin http://www.twitch.tv/bakerlive/c/3688290
RIP: HucklesMcKnuckles - Vaults of Atziri naked to fit more loot, exile spawned.
RIP: HucksMcBlasty - Tempest bullshit
Crafted two seperate wands for me. Definitely recommended
Majority of "when Focussed" mods now available
Updated the craft price to challenge competitors, now 5c for all crafts.
Craft updates:
Increased cast speed and % to gain arcane surge when you kill enemy (rank 2, 13-15% and 10% for 2h, 9-10% and 10% for 1h) - 4 alc
69-75% Increased chaos damage and chaos skills have 21-23% increased duration for 8c (max rank)
8-10% chance to dodge spell hits
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Added the last socket to my DO. Super nice guy.

Crafts available now:
You can apply additional curse - 3 exa
craft minions attack/cast speed to my bow

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