Synthetisis very HUGE deception

First, I am sorry if my sentences are strangely build, because my native language is not english.

Also, may opinion may not be important because I have never bought any supporter pack.

Just to say that I am sooooo deceived of the Synthetisis league. In fact, I realize that you GGG strongly work to try to give very deep and rich and complex mechanisms, in order to give us pleasure to play. But in fact, you don't realize that this doesn't reach casual players. I feel totally lost in this league. Drops seems to be ''crap''. When I try to mix some items with yellow lines, in the synthesis device, it give a worse items than the three ones before to combine them, ad when I go in Nexus, I have to place piece of jigsaw, pices of puzzles, in order to build a path, in order to get some kind of loots that should normally be not that bad, but all I got is just good to sell to NPC for some shards, and right after, the path I buld disappear. I don't understand anything to that league.

The league before (Betrayal), wat so frustating because that was a one-shot league, where that was totally complicated to understand. However after some time, some streamers built some charts. And we could follow charts in order to place the bandits at the right location, for such results. However, being forced to play with a paper chart in order to know what we do, in a HACK AND SLASH GAME, that is not relevant to a hack and slash game to my eye.

With the time, and seeing the past leagues (except delves that was very simple and refreshing) you seem to be more and more dedicated to focus the game on streamers only or gamers who play many many many hours a day. It's really sad for all casual players.

Does anybody feel the same ?

This league is now ended for me.

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+ , i skip also this "standard" league...
From my limited perspective as a casual player with very limited time, YES I agree. I appreciate the concept of game depth and complexity, but sadly most is lost on me and rather more a source of frustration and confusion.
I was originally planning to go for 24 challenges this league since luckily I hate the 36 challenge reward this time, but honestly, I may not even play this league enough to hit 12. The league is just SO BORING. Too many constraints everywhere.
Super frustrating dropping a totem and the blue shit hitting me soon as I open new area, seriously not even 2 seconds after I open and it ends, I just skip all this crap now.
I've said it before, and I'm going to say it again: Delve ruined this game.
Delve was way overturned reward wise; people got spoiled. Nothing will top delve league, unless something literally places OP items in one's inventory.

That being said, as a ultra casual SSfer I enjoy the league. It keeps me entertained for what it is.
OP is not familiar with a game called Atlas. The game is being used as an RP environment since it sucks so bad.
All part of their cunning plan. They just reduced their costs without a loss in revenue.
Dude, streamers dislike this league as well. Even Mathil.

Bring back breach like leagues, stop with this over-complicated, boring, unrewarding shit.
Playership has seriously tanked. I don’t have any numbers but things I typically buy (base shaper/elder items) don’t even exist at this point which is unbelievable imho.

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