Crafting Veiled Mods, got many

Hey all, I have many veiled mod crafts for sale.

I have nearly all possible crafts at max level, so if what you need is not on the list, simply ask me. It's more than likely I already have it.

I am only missing a few key ones:

- Trigger a socketed spell.
- +1 additional curse on chest.
- Curse effect on shield
- Endurance / Frenzy on rings / neck
- All flask mods

Notable ones I have are:
- Max level cold damage multiplier
- Max level chaos damage multiplier
- Max level cannot be chilled
- Cannot be frozen
- Hits cannot be evaded
- +2 to level of socketed gems
- Max level quality + attribute
- Max level spell damage / non chaos as extra chaos
- Max level damage type as extra chaos (all of them)
- Max level arcane surge + cast speed

and many more.

My fee is 5c (per craft) + your mats for the craft.

My IGN is Oakies. Ask me if I have the craft you need!
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Quick and easy craft
Saved me from almost accidentally removing my multi mod

quick craft, well done and trustworthy

quick easy and trustworthy

vouch - quick, easy, trustworthy person!
crafted chaos dot multi for me. quick and safe

nice and easy craft

hes legit
Quick and nice service
crafted chaos dmg + duration on my wand, can vouch

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