Lum's Shop - High End Betrayal Craft Items (legacy mods) - GG Cold/ES WatcherEye - Legacy MS Helmet

Some Items with legacy crafting mods.
A lot of items have open suffixes to be adjusted to your build.
I will finish the craft for you; have all Betrayal mods (farmed again)


Did a lot of min maxing in PoB, this ended up the strongest combination for Winter Orb CwC Ice Spear. Got me to 11m shaper dps without any other big investments. C/O 200ex for Corruption Post

GG Watcher's Eye for Cold ES builds

Agony Guide Lightning Bow - Suffixes crafted on demand.

CoC Bow, +2 support gems, 2 open suffixes, crafted on demand.

Essence crafted CoC Claw. Again insane dmg with Ball Lightning & Arc.

Legacy MS Enchant Armor Helmet

Phys to lightning conversion amulet with GG rolls.

Prob the best shield for a CoC Claw build

Some obligatory armors:

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