Any Boss Killer(Uber elder HC/2player HP DONE)/Craft Servise

Really good service! Killed my Shaper deathless and a really friendly person!! Would Recommend!
Friendly trustable boss killer, killed fenumus for me easy +1
amazing service! Asked for Shaper kill, we did it together, great communication and really good prices (15 vs 50 proposed by other guys)

Great service quick kill, make me a 2player Uber Elder solo :)
Got an amazing watcher eyes !

Thanks mate!
Quick and efficient uber carry. +++
Fast and easy, even got a discount! Will probably be back for Uber elder in a bit!
He was successfully able to kill my Uber Elder. He appeared to have died twice but in the end the fight was a success. Only took a few minutes overall.
Thank you for successful uber service !!
Fast and safe service, can recommend him :)

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