Any Boss Killer(Uber elder HC/2player HP DONE)/Craft Servise

Wellcome here exile! [Killed 200+ uberelder in this league]
REALM: EU/Moscow

My HC kill Video:

Prices for ur key only!!!:
Uber Elder - 35c or loot 50/50(im selling)
Red\Yellow Elder - 20c
Mastermind - 30c. With achivment: 40c
Shaper - 20c
Any Breach(Even Upgraded) - 10c
Any Guardian - 7c

Beastiary - contact for info
Vaal Temple - 10c (Cant do no leech/regen)

Uberelder rules: Im entering in map alone, you waiting for my call when enter, but still wait until i say "Safe".


I have 95% all recipe craft "Veiled" - 10c each craft + craft price.(Have no +2 gems and craft on flasks) pm for info
PS: Sorry for that price, playing hardcore atm :)

IF YOU HAVE RICEPT 20c fee we do it in ur H/O.

Fenumus(Aspect of the spider) - beast cost + 20c fee. You have to give me item, im doing it by my self in my H/O

Wishper me in game NickName: @TheHeroOfMightAndMagic
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great service, messaged for an uber elder carry and within 10 minutes it was done :D
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Very nice guy, fast and easy, got me a good Watcher's eye!!
all guardians down, shaper down, good dps, fast service, recommended. leaves loot on ground and tells safe so you can know drop wasn't gibbed. <3
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Spark,storm,Madnes=i love you bro =*
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Good and quick shaper kill.
Quick and deathless uber elder kill :)
Killed all shaper+elder guardians and uber elder no problem.

Thanks a lot!
great service quick kill cheap prices

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