ExileCon Tickets Now on Sale!

fabregas88 wrote:
if I buy VIP ticket can I kick those devs'/QA folks' asses for free? daym, I'd even add a couple of hundreds for that opportunity
the way you cover your code with QA is ridiculous and weird taking the outcome into consideration
is that so difficult to double-check the client on different VMs/physical machines?
cmon it's 2019 not 2002-2004, we have huge capabilities nowadays
and instead people with high/top-end PCs face huge fps drops just because some lazy stupid arse hasn't tested piece of the code
wake the fk up finally

Feature Attractions: Convention Hall A, Bag End Convention Centre
--Dev Ducking Stool. Buff your accuracy, lads. It's time to send those artisans of agony to the deep! 50c gets you three beach balls, toss them at the target. A direct hit drops the unrepentant code warrior into a swimming pool full of ice water! All proceeds will be donated to Exiles Without Borders, a nonprofit helping players connect better to POE servers from anywhere on Earth and some places in the ISS!

--Future League Q+A: Ask Chris Anything! Melee players encouraged to attend in full cosplay. The sharper, the better. Lunch catering kindly provided by Red Bull Inc. and Ruth's Chris Steak House.

--Cranky Greust Appreciation Station. Drop by the rough-hewn stump to sign our guestbook expressing your honest feelings about nerfs. "Balance team. *spits* "
MF quant is dead. *flips Albino Rhoa Feather Boa and sashays offstage*
How the hell is FISHING not an activity listed for exilecon??!

IGN: LetsMakeBiscuits
Can't wait...

...to be able to upgrade that standard ticket coz I missed out on the initial wave due to timezone shenanigans :(

Whole 2 weeks of holidays are planned, flights and hotel booked, I'm just missing that ultra VIP ticket to make it perfect.
So please GGG, save me one, I'll buy it in a heartbeat!

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