Syndicate intervention freezes my game

I am having this issue as well.

Though to add insult to injury, only the input and visuals are frozen.
The sound keeps playing, so I can still hear how the assassins pound me to death and have to listen to their taunts before the teleport out.
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Yeap syndicate interventions are messed up atm, utter lag/game freeze and mostly followed by death lol.
IGN: Paldamus
Any map that has syndicate in it is 0 fps death.

Please either fix it for disable syndicate untill you fix it
I have had the same issues as well. The "game" does not freeze, but the graphics and UI do. This happens the very moment intervention happens. The only way I know what is causing the issue is from the occasional chat/sound snippets from intervention members. I have not been able to properly play any of Jun's stuff due to this as the issue seems to relate to the members suddenly appearing, which can and has happened in ANY encounter and not just intervention.

Intervention is, however, the worst by far and at times has crashed my PC - win 10 blue screen of death, or crashed the client to desktop, or kicked me to login, or death- plus possibly one of the other options shown here.

Not very nice and did not happen like this in Betrayal. As others have said - running on the lowest possible resolution with all min settings, just as in Betrayal. This has already cost me a lot of 10%s xp loss and my heart goes out to all those HC players who, quite simply, don't stand a chance against this.

Hope you fix this soon. Regards and thank you for reading.
Same problem. i'm not in hc, but it's not so funny to die at 98% exp because the game freezed by the appearing of some baddies. So please fix that problem or disable intervention because if it continues like this I will avoid intervention like the pest.. So maybe, just put a portal in the area to activate and THEN we will be prepared by the ennemies appearing, but "surprise! freeze and die" begin slowly to be insupportable. Please fix that :(
Hardcore player here and adding this in addition of my usual deaths by random disconnection makes it impossible for me to play this game.

Having to move really slowly into maps in order to not have too many ennemies in addition of the betrayal encounter to hope to have enough time to press alt F4 when you know you will freeze it's not a fun experience.

I spend my time being scared of potentials freeze and i don't feel scared at all by any of the game mechanics. That's not what i call fun gameplay and yet i love this game so much that i am sad i can't play it pls GGG take my energy and solve this.

You play hardcore in order to die to some challenging content in an epic battle not this...
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In the entire league there's not been a single time that intervention spawns haven't frozen my pc permanently until I turn up dead. Not a single time have I not died to them without having any chance to do anything. Basically, I absolutely have to avoid the daily betrayal quest and even then every map has a % chance of just taking 10% of my xp and bricking a portal automatically.

Not to mention It's super hard to do the other quests of betrayal even after that because they also reduce performance ridiculously.
Same here. First time I play Betrayal content and only have get frustration and discouragement so far.
HI, uninstall, and i deleted all files and i did install game all again, it did so much for me, it dosen't freeze and everything is smoother, loading screens and stuff, it is going to take time but it worked for me, maybe not best thing to do, if that works it's better than screaming your face off :D running selfclient, steam didn't work for me so changed year or two ago.

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