helped me craft this, thanks alot
Decent guy with a lot of potential.. offered free double courrption but sadly lost my armour! :"D

Would recommend 100%
Friendly fellow

Crafted -9 mana cost for me, cool dude
awesome and fast dude. helped me with my amulet.

will definitely use his services again.

He crafted 6 socket for me, hit my color. Then gave me sick rng to 6 link right after in 40 fuse. +rep
Bump for quick, easy and reliable. Thanks again!
So helpful! Crafted my ring in NO TIME, and was polite even though I had the crafting fees screwed up. This guy is really amazing, a true asset to the community. Thanks so much!!

nice and easy craft again.

tip the man!

quick, friendly and easy. +rep

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