+2 support gems. quick, friendly and easy. Most definitely hit him up.
Can vouch for this guy.
Very quick professional service
+1 proj on gloves
Was really fast really slick
Can vouch for this guy.
Even gave me useful tips
Good crafter, helpful +vouch

This guy is a real G. thanks again
Can vouch, this guy has some good rng :D
Hey mate. Do you have +1 to projectile gems and +1 to AoE gems for gloves ? (the mods also have pierce an additional target, and 10% to AoE or something like that)
Last edited by Shuggananas on Mar 13, 2019, 5:01:45 AM
Hey there, when will you be online again ?
+1 to this guy, crafted me trigger socketed gems for free! and it's fast!

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