Very quick and trustworthy crafting service.

Thanks again!
IGN: Pockey
Barely had to think twice about handing an item worth 4exalt with 3 more to pay for the mods over to this incredible pillar of the community. Thank goodness for good folks like him!
Aw man what timezone are you ? Looks like we're at the worst possible for each other :(
Very sweet guy, crafted multi mod and some veiled mods on my 6 ex scepttre. pretty safe and quick.
fast would recommend for sure
Crafted my HoA bow, great service, highly recommended!
Crafted +2 support gems and T3 minion attack speed for my:

True MVP, thanks alot!

ty vm!!!

Crafted both of these expensive shields, very trustworthy and very quick. A true saint to the community.
This guy is the best no charge (i always tip) and fast, had a line up or like 4 people but went through them so fast. +1

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