Can't access Memory Nexus.

Any fixes for this issue yet?

Playing SSF and can't access the nexus.
Still a bug in the SSF Hardcore race... how do I compete now?
Kyle_GGG wrote:

This is a known issue and we are looking into it. A workaround is to have a low-level player encounter Cavas at The Ledge or later in Act 1 and to join them with your high level character. You should then be able to talk to Cavas when it's successful to get to the Nexus.

Hope this helps.

Still a bug in SSF Hardcore race... don't really know how to compete now... Probably never going to play poe again. Thank for the great time.
*UPDATE* I was not able to enter memory nexus like everyone else. Cavas was nowhere to be found in act 1 and wouldn't take me to nexus during maps. I went to act 10 OSSUARY, found cavas and did his memory and he successfully ported me to memory nexus.

If you have this issue try going to act 10 Ossuary and completing the memory then speak to cavas. Goodluck all
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We did fix this bug, back with update 3.6.2 or 3.6.3. There's no longer a workaround necessary.

Any fragmented memory you complete by or after The Ledge in Act 1 unlocks the Memory Nexus for you to visit. You may go there either by talking to Cavas after completing a fragmented memory, or by clicking the topmost icon on the right hand side of the world map when you click on a Waypoint.

If you cannot find Cavas in the world (because your level exceeds the area level by too great a margin), navigating to the Nexus via waypoint is the easiest way to proceed. Otherwise, you may type /synthesis from a town or hideout in order to travel to the Memory Nexus.

Hope this clarifies.
HC SSF, can confirm, /synthesis doesn't work, there is no wp above mine, aggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh

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