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People are unable to visit my Hideout in Standard. They get a message that I do not have a hideout in this league. These are the things I had done previously today.

1) Exported the layout of each hideout as a backup.
2) Reclaim Decorations to view the hideouts naked.
3) When I was done I revisited each hideout and imported the backup.
4) Most Hideouts give errors "Could not import one or more hideout doodads"
5) Return to my original hideout "Excavated".

I am doing trading, and was going to run some group excursions, but people cant visit my hideout. If they party up with me and attempt to visit my hideout they get the message "This player has no hideout in this league"

How do I correct.
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Can this account be reset before Synthesis starts so I can play?
Corrected. By complete reinstall. The problem must have been on my side somewhere.
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I have the same problem. How to fix it?

This problem should resolve itself if you talk to Helena in Act 2 (or in your hideout, if you do have one) and choosing to 'Select Hideout' to a different one. You can then set it back to the original hideout of your choosing.

Your decorations will not be moved or lost when you choose to select a new hideout.

Hope this helps!

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