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Interesting wrote:
What red/blue/green skill gems quality as ranged attacks for the purpose of Point Blank Mark?
It's not dependent on what gem it is, it's dependent on what weapon you're using. a ranged attack is an attack made with a ranged weapon (bow or wand).

Frenzy with bow or wand is ranged, frenzy with claw or staff is not.
Sony_Black wrote:
Guys how does point blank affect Rain of arrows? And if it works, from where is the distance calculated (middle of the circle maybe)?
Distance from where you fired it, just like anything else with point blank.
IlluminaBlade wrote:
How would this effect the skill Lightning Strike given it is melee and projectile at the same time.
The projectiles get the damage bonus/penalty from point blank. The melee hit does not.
All areas are measured in radius.

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