Culling Strike

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Last bumped on Dec 31, 2016, 12:13:30 AM
sanddemon wrote:
Does the effect from Culling Strike stack? That is if you used this gem on let's say Power Siphon, is it now raised to 20%?
LadyDevimon wrote:
I have a question to this effect.

Lets say i use Heavy Strike and link to it:

- Item Rarity
- Item Quantity
- Culling Strike

If i hit the mob and it dies due the "Culling Strike" effect, does the Item Rarity and Item Quantity support count or not?

Or in other words, is the "Culling Strike" degeneration?

Culling strike is definitely not degeneration, however, it was being applied after the actual hit of damage had been dealt and the effects of iir/iiq supports no longer applied. I have moved it to apply at the time life is reduced, so that those supports will work with Culling Strike in future. Thanks for bringing the matter to my attention.
Tritone wrote:
If i have this linked to Infernal Blow, will Culling Strike work with the AoE damage?

Also curious to know if it will work with Molten Shield's AoE, I don't see why it wouldn't since it hits.
Yes and yes.
When you hit an enemy, after they take damage from that hit, if they are then on 10% or less life, they die.
Verb wrote:
I've tried using this support gem with viper strike and its only applied to the first strike of the skill and not to the damage from the poison. IE if the target is reduced to 10% or less from the initial blow then they die from culling strike, but if they are only taken down to lets say 15%, then taken down to 10% or lower with the poison then the culling strike doesnt take affect.
Is it supposed to work like this?
Yes. It is a culling strike, and specifically states it applies when hitting the enemy.
hyuue wrote:
If i have the Ancestral bond keystone, and i use dominating blow, supported by culling strike, will the instant kill effect still apply? Will the mob be converted if so?
Not currently, but that's a bug, which will be fixed soon.
Yes, enemy players are still enemies.

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