Knockback is broken

In case you didn't know.
It’s always been like that. It's terrible even with lockstep and 30ms latency.
On 3v3 arenas it moving a character few frames before you see a projectile on your screen, on Sarn arena you need just a half second network/client lag and the whole thing turns into a mess - you getting knocked back screen away in wrong direction w/o seeing a single projectile and few seconds later you may or may not synchronizing to an actual location.

The game currently has only one source of knock back immunity.
Please give us more!
The game had a tremendously fun and rewarding PvP experience.
Last bumped on Feb 14, 2019, 3:29:17 PM
Dang, didn't realize knockback immunity can't be corrupted on chests/boots anymore.
Personally I would like it as a jewel corrupt.

It would also make sense if it was added to the Unwavering Stance node.

Unfortunately it has the same problem a lot of things in PVP have, which is that you do not experience them at all in PVE.

They should throw in some totem enemies that rapid fire knockback projectiles, along with a mob with a sickle that has culling strike, and enemies with Chaos Inoculation.

Then there will be a clear need for more knockback immunity options.

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